World's evolving

        for the better

History and values

Discovering MPO International is like discovering the true industrial saga of a medium-sized French company. Created in Mayenne in 1957, it has become an industrial jewel in the service of the leading international players in the Home Entertainment industry.


It was in 1957 that Pierre and Monique de Poix, the emblematicfounders, decided to create a vinyl record-moulding workshop. MPO (Moulage Plastique de l’Ouest)[Plastic Moulding of the West]was born, with this industrial and service-based DNA which continues to characterize the company more than 60 years later:

• passion for technology
• audacity, agility and industrial innovation
• sense of service and strength of our proposals
• capacityto change and diversify

In osmosis with music industry players, MPO quickly became the leading European disc pressing operator. But in reality, between MPO and its customers a passionate adventure was starting: one which would take placeinan ever-changing environment of successive technological innovations and progress in the slipstream of the explosion of the Entertainment market.


Markets as drivers of progress and innovation


Very rapidly MPO became an international player


Beyond eras and technologies, the values of men and women


Multi-markets, multi-customers: the world is changing and we want to be an integral part of that change