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Innovation Vision

Since it manufactured its first vinyl record,market/business anticipation has drivenMPO’s development.

Always balancing the past and the future (technology, consumers habits and expectations…), R&D challenges, development and innovation have always been managed with a central strategy, and this throughout the history of each of MPO International’s entities.

This is true for all the values and performances represented within the Group -industrial, marketing and sales of products and services- and for each of the entities - MPO, MPack and MLink.


THE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: the Group’s strategic, cross-functional body

It is at the cross-functional level and under the impulsion of its CEO that these challenges are dealt with, via the Development Committee, the permanent governing body.

Like an internal think tank, in close link with the marketing department, the Development Committee brings together a dozen high-level executives. By their job profile and expertise, their intellectual dimension, but also by their professional market contacts, they are perfectly positioned to carry out the formal and daily management of the internal-external R&D progress dynamic.

From internal-external technological watch to service innovation: by encouraging, organising, pinpointing and consolidating continuous progress, both in France and internationally.

 The MPO Group’s progress and innovation dynamic: the key success factors

Curiosity, ingenuity and sensitivity to and awareness of new consumer expectations are profoundly inscribed in the company’s DNA.

This is an internal, collective and dynamic strength for the group’s three companies. All the group’s employees are involved, each of them has a role to play in terms of progress, development and innovation.


Identifyingexisting innovative ideas and technological know-how at MPO 

 Prospective decryption and capitalisation

Building pertinent roadmaps

The support of the best external specialists and partners


Our main on-going R&D projects


Validated and consolidated at MPO International’s cross-functional level, innovation and R&D challenges are worked on daily within each of its structures: MPO, MPack and MLink.


Below are some examples of our key progress achievements in both the consolidation phase and the prospective phase.




MLink Services