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The Corporate Social Responsibility

is the core of our strategy



Now more than ever, every company is expected to have an economic, social and a moral guidance role.




Ecology every day


  • It is a matter of respect, attitude and behaviour towards our environment. As our industrial activity concerns working with cardboard and all kinds of other raw materials, we are faced with our environmental responsibilities on a daily basis.


    • Reduce environmental impacts.
    • Ensure the environmental management of the sites.
    • Partners and providers respectfull of environment
    • MPO FSC and Imprim'Vert labeled




MPO, humanly engaged


  • The aspects of social responsibility which contribute to the quality of human relations in the company, are also conducive to the development of the group. MPO builds, year after year, a more coherent social model for its employees based on the following principles:


    • Allow employees to be actors of the strategy.
    • Identify and advance internal skills.
    • Through dialogue, build an attractive social status.
    • Many employees from ESAT on our production sites.


Territorial solidarity


  • In the age of the Internet and new technologies, everyone claims proximity, confusing too often temporal and spatial proximity.

    • Contribute to local development in the territories of implantation
    • Give priority to local employment, maintain our jobs in France.


Quality, a MPO priority

  • MPO ISO 9001 certified

    Your products are subject to multiple checks throughout the production process, which guarantees you optimum service and quality.

    The efficiency of our management system enables us to control our customers‘ needs and demands while improving our own sustainable performance.


    MPO labeled Imprim'Luxe

    The Imprim'Luxe label guarantees:

    • A premium, global and specialized offer.
    • A sophisticated approach to service.
    • A high level of skill.
    • Cost control.