Partner of brands
and creative teams


Culture of Innovation


From the first manufactured vinyl, to perfumery and the development of connected vinyl, innovation has driven MPO’s development.


Innovation is also the constant improvement of a vinyl manufacturing process, it is thinking about smart packaging, which will improve the relationship with your customers, and being creative about its design, it means imagining the next distribution service that will provide an integrated solution four our customers, it’s listening to customers to detect the trends of tomorrow.




Result oriented


We ensure every day that your projects are carried out, in the conformity of your requests.

Respect of deadlines, reactivity, quality ... your satisfaction is our priority.




Responsibility & Transparency


Our employees believe that their responsibility is to make the link between your brand, your creation, and a consumer looking for an experience, an emotion. This has been the commitment and passion of MPO Women and Men for more than 60 years.

Transparency for us is to say things, to be factual in order to build a lasting partnership.




Team spirit


Our teams are made up of women, men, experts, managers, technicians and operators from all countries.

Together and with you, they work daily to make progress and bring your projects to life.