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From conception to production, from co-packing to personalization…

Zoom on each step of Advent calendars creation fully realized by MPO.







The MPO design office challenge:

to design an hexagonal calendar

without a wedge!


The solution: an hexagonal box

bottom in which are included

24 cases of 4 different shapes.







The complexity of this calendar?


Printing on polyester

with multiple varnishes

and packing small phials

containing the most valuable

concentrates of the brand.






The challenge of this project?

Ensure the co-packing of a

calendar with three different

parts in one conditioning flow and

the assembly of the calendar in three

parts with a sharp identification of

the decorations on the facing.



         Peggy Sage



The little extra of the Peggy

Sage calendar?


The insertion of 30 random gift

coupons among the set calendars!

A personalization assured by

MPO during the co-packing of the box.