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POS Displays By MPO






Antonio Ordoñez, Commercial Manager at MPO and a specialist in POS displays, tells us more about the specific nature of this product and the market.



What different kinds of POS displays are there?


Depending on how long the promotional campaign lasts, there are different categories of POS displays: temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. In the first two cases we would use more cardboard, sometimes together with plastic.
If the campaign is longer, however, we would work with more resistant materials like wood, methacrylate and metal.



What are MPO’s strengths in the POS display market?


MPO’s most obvious advantage over its competitors lies in the fact that we provide the most complete service on the market, from advice when conceiving and designing the idea to manufacturing in various different materials, via installation at points of sale.

Another detail that gives us the edge is a fast and customized service, managed by a multi-disciplinary team with vast experience in the development of multi-material POS display projects.

In short, we are without doubt the leaders in the enthusiasm and passion we inject into each new project we develop for our clients.



What are the latest trends in materials for POS displays?


Action aimed at preserving the environment, like the development of a greater amount of reusable materials - reusable by both the industry and in the
double use clients can make of them. Digital integration is also a clear trend.


Enriched content by means of video and connection via a smartphone with NFC are two elements we could highlight because they make it possible for consumers to interact with the product or the brand.


Another trend, especially in temporary POS displays, is based on engineering and processes that let you bring transport costs down and make the assembly system easier.