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3 questions to

Georg Klotzberg

Commercial Manager at THQ Nordic



Tell us about the Elex collector’s box.


This collector’s edition was the first of its kind for THQ Nordic.

We had already done some special editions, but nothing of this size. We didn’t want to just create a larger special edition.

The idea was to create a top-range box with an impact.




What made MPO the ideal partner for this project?


We had already worked with MPO before the Elex project. From the design phase for the box, MPO understood our ideas and creatively got them down on paper.


It became clear to us very quickly that MPO perfectly corresponded to our vision for the Elex Collector edition.






What are the marketing stakes for an operation like this one? 


In general, the retail landscape has changed quite a lot, in particular for computer products. A box won’t be enough anymore to get people interested.


Consumers are migrating to digital platforms, and retailers and publishers have to make sure they stand out from the rest. This means thinking about the quality and creativity of the packaging.


You have to offer something that isn’t available in the digital world and which at the same time gives the product some added value.