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MPO innovates in ecological packaging



Concerned about the ecological issues, MPO has always been oriented towards a responsible and proactive approach to the environment.


As part of the special edition by Luxe Pack focused on packaging innovation for ecology, MPO presents Eco Touch. A new range of packaging 100% plastic free.



All components are compostable, recyclable and made from FSC labeled materials:


- Rigid structures result from short circuit recycling.


- The wedges come from the technology of hot pressing of pulp.


- The casings and cases are made of cardboard made from sugar cane fiber, flax and hemp.


- The windows of the cases are made of cellulose acetate.


- The inks and glues used are food compatible.




A design collection that meets the requirements of Luxury in terms of quality and aesthetics but also responsible and concerned about the environmental issues.






Eco Touch is part of a global Corporate social responsibility approach of MPO group, which focuses on ecology, human and territorial solidarity.


Energy Policy, Operational Environmental Management, Waste Management and many other initiatives that have enabled MPO to obtain ISO 50001 certification.


A global approach that fits into each of MPO's business lines: from design to production and from co-packing to distribution.