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Oceanica Gin, the alliance of graphic design and ecology

Global consumption of spirits will be increasing by 2022.The reason is due to strong increases in sales for whiskey (65.9 million cases), gin (9.5 million) and flavoured spirits (2.4 million). (Vinexpo study / IWSR 2019).

In this lead market, originality is the key to differentiation. The design of a packaging can have a significant influence on the consumers and guide their buying behaviour.

On the occasion of the release of its two new flavours of Gin, Oceanic Dry Gin and Oceanic Strawberry Gin, the famous brand Oceanicagin has decided to trust MPO for the production of colourful boxes.

Its on-pack format, with an efficient graphic design, includes the Gin bottle and a stemmed glass.
This box made of 100% recyclable cardboard and plastic-free also conveys the following commitments brand managers.