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Trend - The beautiful object can be catchy and responsible

Environmental issues have rightly become a fundamental concern for consumers who prioritise transparency, ethics and respect for the environment.

This ecological transition is no longer an option for brands, it is a necessity.
So, how can we ensure this conversion and offer real eco-friendly packaging without doing green washing?

MPO decodes the new eco-responsible trends.

Ho-Karan range
Cases produced with a cardboard made of hemp.

Advent calendar from the Eco Touch range made by MPO

100% plastic free calendar with rigid structure resulting from short circuit recycling, a paper pulp wedge and a bagasse paper covering based on sugarcane fibre.

Les Failles cachées, Pomme

Three-part digisleeve made from Freelife cento paper made from 100% FSC-certified recycled fibres. Biosourced cellophanage.

Murrieta box

100% recyclable paper and cardboard box.