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The guide to conceive a sustainable packaging

Environmental degradation caused by synthetic materials has reached a critical level and is threatening ecosystems.

Environmental issues have rightly become a fundamental concern for consumers who now make transparency, ethics and respect for the environment their priority.


More than 9 out of 10 consumers under the age of 35 could turn away from a luxury brand if they realise that its packaging is not environmentally friendly.

* SHOPPER LUXE STUDY – 2019 -Citeo


These developments encourage brands to adopt a purchasing policy consistent with their values and to be open to new trends in terms of eco-friendly packaging.


This ecological transition is no longer optional for brands, it is a necessity.

So, how can we ensure this conversion and offer real eco-friendly packaging without doing green washing?  

A complete guide to conceive a sustainable packaging

MPO, a specialist in packaging solutions for the Beauty, Entertainment and Fine food markets, deciphers new trends and reveals all the tools to create the projects of tomorrow.

  • - All existing eco-labels

    - Plastic and paper recycling circuits.

    - Our selection of sustainable materials :

           Paper – Cardboard

           Rigid cardboard

           Plastics and alternatives

           Lamination and finishes

          Polyags and cellophaning

    - Our Eco Touch range for the Beauty and Fine food markets.

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