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A collector vinyl box for Johnny Hallyday's special birthday concert

 MPO is delighted to have contributed to the development of a legendary vinyl collector box celebrating the 20th birthday of one of rock legend Johnny Hallyday's greatest concerts.   


The "Happy Birthday" collector's box of the artist's live performance at the Parc de Sceaux is available in two references, one in a coloured version with 4 coloured vinyls and the other in a classic version with 4 black vinyls 


These two fabulous limited and numbered editions include four unpublished photos printed on glossy paper.  


The occasion for afficionados to relive the concert of June 2000, on the singer's birthday, with, among others, duets by Michel Sardou, Pascal Obispo and Jean-Louis Aubert.  



MPO had the pleasure of making the design, manufacture, packaging and logistics delivery of these two collector's editions limited to 3200 copies.