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Mylène Farmer's 45'' collector box, an exclusive one made by MPO

Universal Music France proposes a re-release of Mylène Farmer's singles released between 1985 and 1997. In addition, the box set includes 7 singles never released on vinyl.
This collector's box set is a limited and numbered edition of only 1,050 copies.

For the first time, a box of 22 Mylène Farmer's 45-rpm vinyl LPs including singles that have never been released in this format.

For the collaboration with Universal Music France, we find all the technicity of MPO, from the conception of these 22 colour, marbled and spattered vinyls, to the soft-touch finishing and the red hot stamping.
MPO had the pleasure to manage this superb project for Universal Music France, from its conception to the manufacturing and distribution.

A total supply chain management allowing the labels to have a single partner.