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Meet Béryl Philippe, Head of products at Respire.

A look back to the success story of Respire, the French and responsible cosmetic brand and its collaboration with MPO

  • Béryl Philippe, Head of products at Respire.

Tell us all about the brand Respire.

Our success story began in 2018 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. In just one month, 21,000 natural deodorants were sold.

Very quickly, the ambition of the two founders, Justine and Thomas, was to create a natural, vegan and eco-responsible care and hygiene brand, made in France. We pay particular attention to all the components of our products, which we want to be as natural and "clean" as possible.

Respire is also a brand based on co-creation with its very committed community.

The community represents more than 115 thousand Instagram followers. We have a real duty of education and transparency towards our community and our founder Justine perfectly embodies this role.

What are the brand's ambitions for 2021?

We have great ambitions for 2021, starting with the expansion of our natural hygiene and beauty care range. In less than a year, we have already launched around fifteen products and we don't intend to stop there!

These new products will continue to have a strong ecological focus, with solid and/or refillable products in particular.

Similarly, we want to continue to expand our distribution network in France but also in Europe via the Sephora brand.

Finally, we want to continue to make our community grow, by involving our followers ever more.

What can you tell us about your collaboration with MPO?

This is the first year that we are making Christmas boxes and we are very happy to launch this operation with MPO.

Together we have managed to design an elegant and minimalist drawer box that can be reused and kept by all our customers.

The "Made in France" manufacturing and the quality/price ratio were two decisive elements in the choice of our packaging supplier. Add to this the proximity of the MPO teams but also the reactivity and adaptability and it's a winning combo!

Finally, we greatly appreciated working with people who are just as passionate as we are. The human dimension is a fundamental part of our collaboration with MPO.