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The comeback of the audio tape

A new vintage media is making a big comeback: the cassette.

The nostalgia for the use of cassettes slowly returns to the collective subconscious.

Many are the artists who decline their album on the magnetic tape.


Cassette The Scotts by Travis Scott and Kid Cudi

A series of 3 audio cassettes in the pop colours pink, green and red. Each of the cassettes has a 60-minute audio tape on each side.


Cassette We are Chaos cassettes by Marilyn Manson

For the release of his new album, the artist also presents an edition of 3 audio cassettes in pink, blue and glittery colours. The audio tape offers one hour and twenty minutes of listening time.


Cassette Singles Collection from Indochine

Two 90-minute audio cassettes on each side, coloured black. The cassettes are co-packed in a double snapbox case.


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