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La bande à Renaud, the collector's tribute in ultra limited edition


La bande à Renaud is a beautiful initiative of artists starting in 2014, all animated by the will to pay tribute to Renaud and to the whole of his work.


In 2020, the band will expand with the arrival of Tryo, Gaëtan Roussel, Vincent Delerm, Gauvain Sers and Boulevard des Airs, among others. 


MPO is proud to have contributed to the elaboration of this box set La bande à Renaud in an ultra limited edition.

A collection of 34 emblematic songs, produced and directed by the singer's lifelong companions, Dominique Blanc-Francard and composer Alain Lanty.


Illustrated by Renaud's faithful draftsman and set designer, Gérard Lo Monaco, the box set contains 5 LPs in a cover and gatefold, all in a superb coloured lift off lid box.