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Focus on the paper pulp wedge made by MPO

 A short time ago, MPO presented its 4 plastic-free packaging solutions.

100% recyclable and eco-friendly cardboard solutions.


Today, MPO offers you a focus on the paper pulp wedge.


The pulp wedge is obtained by a process of hot pressing of paper pulp in a mould. The pulp is made of recycled paper and cardboard and virgin fibres from sugar cane and bamboo.

3 levels of finish for a 100% green wedge

Its finish can range from the most authentic brown version to the most premium version with a smooth white finish.

  • White with an extra smooth finish on the front side and woven on the back side.
  • Beige with a cloudy finish on the front and a cottony finish on the back.
  • Brown with a cloudy finish and a pattern on the front side.

For which packaging ?

Boxes, cases, calendars


We like

The excellent fit of the products

The possibility of having an authentic

or very high quality finish


We regret

The longer manufacturing times

The high unit cost of the tooling