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MPO develops a range of 100% cardboard boxes for the L'Oréal group


MPO continues to develop plastic-free tray solutions.

Today, MPO offers you a zoom on the patented rigid cardboard tray with a beautiful realisation for the L'Oréal Group.


In order to reduce the use of plastic and optimise the recyclability of their packaging, Kérastase, a L'Oréal group hair care brand, called on MPO to develop a 100% cardboard project.



The result is a beautiful collection of three lift off lid boxes, each including a shampoo, a mask and a serum.


Le coffret promotionnel des célèbres gammes Kérastase est entièrement réalisé en carton recyclable
La cale en carton rigide sur deux niveaux et la structure des coffrets sont entièrement réalisées à partir de carton recyclé.

The promotional box of the famous Kérastase ranges is entirely made of recyclable cardboard
The rigid cardboard tray on two levels and the structure of the boxes are entirely made from recycled cardboard.


To achieve this, MPO has a partner who takes back MPO's paper/cardboard waste in order to produce recycled rigid cardboard. A local partner located less than 100 km from the MPO site in Le Mans in France to guarantee a local distribution channel.


This patented MPO cardboard tray offers a wide range of aesthetic possibilities. It can be displayed in white or black, in kraft colour, or dyed to match a standard colour palette.


Also, in order to meet the requirements of brands in terms of finishing, this tray system offers different levels of customisation: printing, marking and embossing through the addition of a tray cover.