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Zoom on the fluted tray by MPO

Throwback on our 4 plastic-free packaging solutions.

100% recyclable and eco-responsible cardboard solutions.

Today, MPO offers you a focus on the fluted tray.


What is a fluted tray?

 Fluting, also known as "corrugated cardboard", is a lightweight, rigid material consisting of one or more sheets of fluted paper glued to one or more cardboard sheets.

The folded fluted tray

The principle of folding to create a U-shape allows different product formats to be wedged: tube, bottle, case, sample card. The only constraints are the alignment and weight of the products.

  • For which packaging?  

    Boxes, cases

    We like

    Its low price and quick availability

    We regret

    The less secure hold than the structural tray

    Its rough aspect

The fluted tray in layers

The principle of stacking layers of fluting ensures a perfect hold for products and perfect adaptability for multi-product packaging with different formats, and requiring very random positioning in the tray.

  • For which packaging?

    Boxes, cases, calendars

    We like

    Its adaptability to all types of semi-finished products

    Its quick availability

    We regret

    Its weight

    The slices that reveal the raw flute