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MPO accompanies the success of French RAP with beautiful vinyl editions

The music industry is driven by rap and France is often presented as the most creative country in this field after the United States.

The facets of rap are numerous: a mirror of society or pure ego-trip, nuanced and poetic, introspective or simply festive, whatever the case, rap is popular.

A fact underlined by the SNEP figures each year. Thus, the consumer craze for rap in recent years has not faded, since it represents, in all its diversity, 44% of the annual Top albums and 62% of the Top singles.

Damso, Nekfeu, Maes, Vald, SCH, Dinos Punchlinovic, Cabellero & Jean Jass are just some of the names of the artists who have contributed to the current tidal wave of French rap in the music industry.

Focus on MPO's most memorable rap releases, either exclusively or on re-release.