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3 core-activity services

On the basis of three entities with complementary core activities,
MPO allies qualitative requirements to the capacity to integrate services.


MPO, MPack and MLink are the 3 “sister” companies, which together, constitute MPO International’s industrial and service offer.


All the potential synergies between these structures are at the heart of the group’s strategic vision and its recognised singularity as a service integrator.

These synergies are based on the requirements of customers which increasingly looking for "One Stop Shop, One solution" type services and solutions. We base our proposals on a customer’s specifications by finding the right fit and integrating the core active expertise they need.

Whatever the market sector, this way of operating these “natural” synergies is perfectly representative, even emblematic of MPO International’s singularity and strategic vision.


With 3 cultures and specialised core activities which offer specialised expertise in their respective fields and which interconnect with each other, they are not many companies capable of proposing such wide-ranging and integrated services.


This is what MPO International proposes every day in a working environmentin which the three entities share the same values and operational processes. MPO, MPack and MLink are extremely interlinked: they share a common history and culture, and together they offer an extended and rich industrial experience and exceptional services.


MPO: audio-video-video game pressing 


MPack: premium packaging of brands and products 


MLink: logistics at the service of sales